Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gimme Some Sugar!

Meet Sugar Ray. As you can see, his current condition isn't, well, what you'd call "healthy."

I've spent the last several days as a go between from GOBR and PAPL, and I have to say I'm a little more than disappointed. I'm not quite understanding why the PAPL is being resistant. GOBR is a reputable rescue, and we are more than capable of providing the care he needs. I also don't understand why they'd resist having a rescue come in, and do what rescues do, and use their funding to support the animals they already have (and any other new ones coming in). Since the story broke last week, I have gotten many emails about it, and I know GOBR has gotten tons from other rescues and concerned people asking what we are doing about it, and what the situation is. To the point that I was asked to write a form letter for responses detailing to the inquirers that they are declining our assistance.

No new pictures have gone up, and I have heard nothing good lately about this facility, and frankly  SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT. My mom told me to listen to my gut. Well, my gut tells me they are milking this fluff piece after getting negative press lately b/c they need the donations. I just hope that Sugar Ray doesn't become a casualty of a political ploy....

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