Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It will always be a crazy ride...

So while my lap looks like this (see above photo), I realized that our last week was so crazy, I've neglected you all. Juggling work, the house, family, and my Poo-Bahs can be overwhelming. But every night, when I have crowded lap time, I'm reminded how absolutely lucky I am. Our pasts might be heart breaking, full of ups and downs, but here at HOME, we are flying high. Warm place to sleep, food in out bellies, and lots of love is proving to be the recipe for rehab here.

Roscoe is doing far better than I imagined. His hip bones aren't protruding as much, and his house manors are greatly improving. We are working on basic commands, and he's very obedient if you have a treat in your hands... But not so much without food rewards (getting better). He's on his last round of Panacur, and is ready to roll out. I'm going to redo his Pet Finder ad tomorrow and submit it with new pictures... He's such a loveable cuddle-bug, it's going to be a bitter-sweet moment once he finds his forever home.

Miss Dahnke is also doing well, she had a good vet visit on Saturday! HW-, baby! I knew it would be, but a secand test was necessary because of the timing of her last one. She's generating some interest, and I might have a potential adopter for her! She's very excited to be an only puppy, I tell you. I am just so glad that we may have found someone who can provide her the environment she needs. So keep your fingers crossed!

And a side note: Patrick's story isn't for the faint of heart. It's a true testiment to some of the horrors people are capable of, and also the great things people can be. For every mainstream story, there are thousands of tales just like it that go unnoticed. 

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