Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dahnke, Puppies, and More!

Well, it may surprise you to learn that I decided Dahnke isn't going anywhere. She and Medwin have really bonded and I have grown very attached. I don't know that placing her anywhere else would be beneficial for her, she's grown here and been doing so very well. So I notified GOBR and pulled her back off the list, my courtesy post turned into a foster-fail. I pulled my skinny, sad, and beaten Boxer girl from the pound, and now have a loyal, loving, and healthy friend. And today, she really surprised me. I had puppies in the house for a little while earlier, and even though she and Medwin were crated, she tried playing with them through the crate. Tail wagging and happy faced. I was shocked. Really, shocked. She looked excited to see the puppies. We attributed it to her motherly instinct. But I was proud of her.

So we have been very busy at our home lately! Today was no exception. This morning, Lisa of brought me 3 Boxer puppies to transport for GOBR. I was meeting a volunteer in Columbus, and had a transport for another organization from Columbus to Ashland. 4 dogs and a cat! Thankfully my friend Nerissa came with me for the ride, her help was MUCH appreciated. I had a Min Pin who was channeling Houdini, and a leash chewer, and a VERY GASSY Jack Russel mix! Needless to say, that felt like a very long hour. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get pictures of the Fab 5, until AFTER I had already done the handover... but I did get puppy pics!

These guys were just the cutest and sweetest things ever!!! 

Big things are afoot indeed. I started editing, and making new digital copies of our documentations, and reformatting. Google docs is awesome, I have my homevisit worksheets set up so I can fill them out on my phone and email them straight away! :) Since I can't foster with Dahnke's issues with other dogs, I've been doing what I can elsewhere. which leaves me with home visits and transports. :) I meet the coolest people either way.

I love my puppies. We had a great day, and are currently in the process of making fruit and veggie chips. We will relax on the couch tonight and be thankful for all we have. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dahnke 3816

Now that Roscoe's gone and the dust has settled, I am trying to play catch up. It's summer time, and we have been very busy at the house. Dahnke is doing very well, and some days her intelligence astounds me. Although she has her odd moments, it's safe to say she is a completely different dog than the skinny, banged up flea bag I picked up at the shelter.
She's still learning to share her cookies. I have to sit in the same room as them when I give cookies and keep telling her to leave Medwin to eat his on his own. I think she thinks he's nuts because he doesn't wolf them down like she does, LOL! 
And outside of a cat chase this morning (it was a neighborhood stray) she's been great about staying in the yard. I'm going to get new batteries for their collars today anyways. I shouldn't be taking chances. But on the plus side, she came right back like a good girl. 
I'm going to re-write her Petfinder ad here soon. I have gotten very attached, but am still looking for her perfect single animal home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Roscoe's New Family

Roscoe found his fur-ever family on June 4th. Yes, I realize it's July now, but it was harder to see him go than I expected.

Roscoe's new family is wonderful. He's got acres to run around on and little kids to play with! I know he'll be happy with them. Mostly because he didn't even look back. I tell myself that's a good thing, but after four months of couch cuddling, neighborhood jogs, and having him follow me around everywhere; I didn't realize until he was gone how attached I had become.

Roscoe's new Mommy sent me a lovely email about how well he's been doing. I was so glad to hear it. I hope for pictures and more updates.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gimme Some Sugar!

Meet Sugar Ray. As you can see, his current condition isn't, well, what you'd call "healthy."

I've spent the last several days as a go between from GOBR and PAPL, and I have to say I'm a little more than disappointed. I'm not quite understanding why the PAPL is being resistant. GOBR is a reputable rescue, and we are more than capable of providing the care he needs. I also don't understand why they'd resist having a rescue come in, and do what rescues do, and use their funding to support the animals they already have (and any other new ones coming in). Since the story broke last week, I have gotten many emails about it, and I know GOBR has gotten tons from other rescues and concerned people asking what we are doing about it, and what the situation is. To the point that I was asked to write a form letter for responses detailing to the inquirers that they are declining our assistance.

No new pictures have gone up, and I have heard nothing good lately about this facility, and frankly  SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT. My mom told me to listen to my gut. Well, my gut tells me they are milking this fluff piece after getting negative press lately b/c they need the donations. I just hope that Sugar Ray doesn't become a casualty of a political ploy....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It will always be a crazy ride...

So while my lap looks like this (see above photo), I realized that our last week was so crazy, I've neglected you all. Juggling work, the house, family, and my Poo-Bahs can be overwhelming. But every night, when I have crowded lap time, I'm reminded how absolutely lucky I am. Our pasts might be heart breaking, full of ups and downs, but here at HOME, we are flying high. Warm place to sleep, food in out bellies, and lots of love is proving to be the recipe for rehab here.

Roscoe is doing far better than I imagined. His hip bones aren't protruding as much, and his house manors are greatly improving. We are working on basic commands, and he's very obedient if you have a treat in your hands... But not so much without food rewards (getting better). He's on his last round of Panacur, and is ready to roll out. I'm going to redo his Pet Finder ad tomorrow and submit it with new pictures... He's such a loveable cuddle-bug, it's going to be a bitter-sweet moment once he finds his forever home.

Miss Dahnke is also doing well, she had a good vet visit on Saturday! HW-, baby! I knew it would be, but a secand test was necessary because of the timing of her last one. She's generating some interest, and I might have a potential adopter for her! She's very excited to be an only puppy, I tell you. I am just so glad that we may have found someone who can provide her the environment she needs. So keep your fingers crossed!

And a side note: Patrick's story isn't for the faint of heart. It's a true testiment to some of the horrors people are capable of, and also the great things people can be. For every mainstream story, there are thousands of tales just like it that go unnoticed. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where to begin!?!?

There is lots to be done this weekend... Already emails are flying hot about the Boxer Bash in September. The Boxer Bash is GOBR's biggest yearly fundraiser. If it weren't for the previous successes of this event, GOBR would probably not be around. The moneys we raise at this event provide most of the funding we need throughout the year for our dogs' medical expenses. The entire event is set up with volunteer efforts, and every penny raised goes to the medical fund. Which is great. For the dogs.

I was racking my brains on how I could help. And I had an idea. And of course I think this is a great idea... but then... ugh, I don't know!

I LOVE to bake. It started out as something I did when I was down to cheer me up. Now I am a baking, cooking fool. I like to try new things, and make it look pretty, and eat tasty goodies!!!! I digress...
CupCakes for people and decorated with little boxer fondant silhouettes, and PupCakes for the dogs! (I have an apple-cheese recipe for dogs, with a cream-cheese/greek yogurt icing!)

So for now, I'm volunteering to send out solicitation letters asking for donations... I would like to do the cupcakes but I'm really afraid of over extending myself... I also don't know how I'd transport them and the dogs... hmmm... I'll figure something out.

what to do, what to do?

Monday, March 21, 2011

#3750 Roscoe's PF ad...

I spent all weekend writing and rewriting Petfinder ads for Roscoe. The one I finally submitted this morning was blah, but I've been on a block writing this for over a week now.

Hello! My name is Roscoe and I am a big boxer boy! I'm about a year to a year and a half old, almost 70 pounds, UTD on shots, HW negative, and I just got neutered. I have natural ears and  a tail, and my dewclaws still. I'm a great boy with a great disposition, I'm learning to keep "all four on the floor" and I love to go for long walks. My foster mom says I'm horrible on a leash, but I'm great with a Sporn halter... She keeps telling everyone what a great thing it is, I don't mind it, so I let her use it. 

My favorite past times include following my foster mom around the house, playing with my foster sibs, and lounging in laps. Yep, I'm quite possibly the biggest, cuddliest lap dog ever! I like to rest my head on my foster mom's shoulder while she reads out loud to us.

Roscoe was originally picked up as a stray, but we quickly learned he has a great personality, is house trained, and will only sit and shake for a treat at this point, though we are working with him. We would recommend some obedience training classes (dual purpose: for training and bonding) or someone familiar with the breed and training.

If you think you can handle this much love-bug in your life, head on over to and submit an application!!!

But that's what I sent for review with the group... I figure I can make changes as needed.

Also, new development... if I leave the broom with in reach of him, and leave the room, he will bring it to me. Only the broom, and he did it about 5 times this weekend. I asked him if he was trying to tell me something, and laughed.