Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dahnke 3816

Now that Roscoe's gone and the dust has settled, I am trying to play catch up. It's summer time, and we have been very busy at the house. Dahnke is doing very well, and some days her intelligence astounds me. Although she has her odd moments, it's safe to say she is a completely different dog than the skinny, banged up flea bag I picked up at the shelter.
She's still learning to share her cookies. I have to sit in the same room as them when I give cookies and keep telling her to leave Medwin to eat his on his own. I think she thinks he's nuts because he doesn't wolf them down like she does, LOL! 
And outside of a cat chase this morning (it was a neighborhood stray) she's been great about staying in the yard. I'm going to get new batteries for their collars today anyways. I shouldn't be taking chances. But on the plus side, she came right back like a good girl. 
I'm going to re-write her Petfinder ad here soon. I have gotten very attached, but am still looking for her perfect single animal home.

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