Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dahnke, Puppies, and More!

Well, it may surprise you to learn that I decided Dahnke isn't going anywhere. She and Medwin have really bonded and I have grown very attached. I don't know that placing her anywhere else would be beneficial for her, she's grown here and been doing so very well. So I notified GOBR and pulled her back off the list, my courtesy post turned into a foster-fail. I pulled my skinny, sad, and beaten Boxer girl from the pound, and now have a loyal, loving, and healthy friend. And today, she really surprised me. I had puppies in the house for a little while earlier, and even though she and Medwin were crated, she tried playing with them through the crate. Tail wagging and happy faced. I was shocked. Really, shocked. She looked excited to see the puppies. We attributed it to her motherly instinct. But I was proud of her.

So we have been very busy at our home lately! Today was no exception. This morning, Lisa of brought me 3 Boxer puppies to transport for GOBR. I was meeting a volunteer in Columbus, and had a transport for another organization from Columbus to Ashland. 4 dogs and a cat! Thankfully my friend Nerissa came with me for the ride, her help was MUCH appreciated. I had a Min Pin who was channeling Houdini, and a leash chewer, and a VERY GASSY Jack Russel mix! Needless to say, that felt like a very long hour. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get pictures of the Fab 5, until AFTER I had already done the handover... but I did get puppy pics!

These guys were just the cutest and sweetest things ever!!! 

Big things are afoot indeed. I started editing, and making new digital copies of our documentations, and reformatting. Google docs is awesome, I have my homevisit worksheets set up so I can fill them out on my phone and email them straight away! :) Since I can't foster with Dahnke's issues with other dogs, I've been doing what I can elsewhere. which leaves me with home visits and transports. :) I meet the coolest people either way.

I love my puppies. We had a great day, and are currently in the process of making fruit and veggie chips. We will relax on the couch tonight and be thankful for all we have. :)

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