Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Household 2/11

-13 months
-Likes: duck jerky, playing at the park, and chewing on toys (and walls if you don't pay attention to me), hanging out with Mommy, and going for runs

-3 to 4 years
-Likes: duck jerky, playing with balls, and sleeping in Mom's lap

Plus two kitties, but this is a Dog Blog... ;)

That's it for right now, but the plan is for me to foster a shelter dog. So currently we are all working together to pull this little guy from a shelter and get him to his temporary home (mine) so that I can fix him up before he finds his forever home.

So today we work on a transportation plan, and also I'm working on a veterinary plan.

In case you aren't familiar, introducing a new dog into a multiple animal household takes some planning and careful organization. When pulling from a shelter, you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO. Especially since I personally am not pulling this dog from the shelter, I won't know until I pick him up from the person before me. Until I can get him assessed by a veterinarian, the dog will need to be isolated from my current pets to reduce exchange of any communicable germs/parasites between them.

I called the shelter on my lunch to gather a little more information. The dog was picked up on the interstate as a stray, is intact (hasn't been neutered yet) and the shelter does not do any type of 5 way before release, or flea treatment. Our first vet appt will be a fun one.
*Wait until he finds out he's gonna lose his little soldiers! :/

Plan is in action. The shelter dog will be pulled tomorrow and his journey to me will begin at 7 am Saturday. Just in time for me to get him to the vet before they close Saturday. :)


  1. going to like reading this one.... at least your babies are vaccinated against all the really bad stuff so you should be ok.

  2. You know me, it's always an adventure here! We have a plan in place, so hopefully the weather doesn't hit us too bad and it can execute without any major hitches.