Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#3750 Roscoe is doing well

I know, I know... way to be on top of things, Angela...

Truth is, I have been super busy. Things to take care of, and do, and get done have been raining down upon me, and I've been super scrambling to get things done. Back to my Poo-bahs:

Roscoe came home last Thursday night. For a guy who just got his balls removed, he was rather lovey and tried to be active (I put a cease order on that- "limited activity" the vet said). He's totally an optimistic :) My 65lb Mr. Brightside :) He had the last of his pain meds Monday and didn't have any adverse side effects. So other than the fact that I know he had surgery, and you can see the surgical site, he seems back to normal. I need to do his write up, but I just don't know what to say. I'll sit down with him tonight and see what he thinks.

Dahnke has a vet visit coming up, she needs to have another HW test done. Apparently they don't trust the ones done in the fall, they can sometimes give out a false negative if the heart worms haven't developed to a point, it won't show up. She's been on HW preventative since October when i got her, and i think she's fine, but better safe than sorry.

It's finally supposed to be nice outside tonight after work, so I will be able to tell you how he is on a leash soon! (but just a short walk, "Limited Activity!")

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