Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#3750 Day Three (and Morning Four)

Well, I guess we're back to Tony... That's what his official file says... Once his furever parents  find him, they are probably going to change it anyways... To Spot, or Fluffy, or Bingo... 'Sigh'

Spot/Fluffy/Bingo/Tony/Roscoe/Sidney Shelter Dog/#3750 did very well yesterday. He and Medwin played almost all evening. (Until Medwin tuckered him out) Medwin is like the Energizer Bunny... He wore out Dahnke (per usual) and Tony (I have to get used to calling him that). I find it very amusing.

You see, Tony was picked up by a passerby who found him playing by the side of the interstate in southern Ohio. This person decided that they liked his friendly, larger than life personality and took him home. Turns out, Tony was a bit much for this person to handle. I didn't get any details, but this is common with boxers, as they can be *ahem* a bit energetic.

So it makes me laugh that my little Medwin tuckers out these dogs that other people just "can't handle their energy." Because then the tired pups crawl up on the couch and cuddle up with me and try to bury their heads to hide from Medwin who is still going strong tossing toys and running after them by himself... He will come up and cuddle too, once he's bored of playing by himself.

Anyways, Tony really is a good boy, a little horny (scheduling his neuter today, poor boy) but all around an absolute joy in the house. He's already better on a leash, is now waiting for me to go through doors first, and is working on his table/counter surfing. (a squirt bottle is this lady's best friend!) He got his last dose of Panacur today, so no more struggle with that until round two in four weeks...


  1. Tony's a cute name for a dog, but i agree that Roscoe fits him way better. You might want to post a link to his petfinder when you get him posted?

  2. Once he goes up, I will post a link :) I have to do his write up soon... This one's going to be hard!