Monday, March 21, 2011

Dahnke's Nub

It was going to be called Dahnke's Tail (Tale- get it, LOL!) But she doesn't have one... Don't worry, she doesn't mind, she wags her four inch nub just fine. She's a Boxer, it's supposed to be docked anyways (Don't tell Roscoe).

I call Dahnke's coming home from the shelter date, her birthday. We call it her 3rd Birthday. October 2nd, 2010 Dahnke turned three and started a new life. The day I picked Dahnke up from the shelter I had gotten up early and driven two and a half hours to get her. All I knew was that she had been involved in a neglect case.

When the animal warden took them the owner had NO IDEA HOW OLD DAHNKE WAS. So that's why we call it her new third birthday. She was underweight, had some nasty fleas, and was a little scarred up. But she has an Angel face...

So home we went, where in the course of a few days I realized I had brought home a little more than i bargained for. First thing we did was get a bath, pick of remaining fleas, clean up her ears, toe nails, etc. Then came my next surprise... Diarrhea! OMG, that poor girl was spurtin' cow patties all over my lawn for a MONTH! And I don't know if you have ever tried to clean up diarrhea on your lawn, but it wasn't fun for me.  It was a night mare... specifically when i went back to work, and she got most of it all over the floor and walls of my dining room (and that's from her crate! could you imagine what I would have come home to if she had been roaming!?) We eventually moved to grain free foods, and her "issues" completely disappeared.

Dahnke has some issues getting along with new animals. She is fine with Medwin, but Medwin was a runt. He's submissive, and playful, and bends to Dahnke's "will" per se. She simply does not like other females, from the get go, and is slow to accept any other animals in the house. Because of these issues, I'm looking for a single pet household for her. I don't want to set her up to fail. She's a good dog and eager to please her person. She's very obedient now, and I have no problems with her in the house (aside from scuffles with fosters now and again).

Dahnke's Petfinder link is

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